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As part of the digital transformation of business, companies in the corporate sector of the economy need knowledge about the structure of the e-commerce market, including best practices, trend reviews and development forecasts. 

A key feature of the "Corporate School of E-Commerce and Digital Transformation" is an exceptional focus on the corporate sector of the economy with immersion in specific business tasks, followed by customization of educational material and a set of speakers. 

As part of the school, Data Insight prepares information for key business units. 

  • Training will help owners and directors find new growth points, build a development strategy, and get exclusive insights. 
  • For marketers, training will be useful in order to learn all the marketing tools within online retail, increase the return on investment (ROI)
  • With the help of the acquired knowledge, merchants will be able to transform the offline approach to working with a client online, learn the tools of online sales management.
  • HR-specialists will learn to understand the competencies of specialized specialists in a basic way, and will increase the effectiveness of interviews with candidates. 

School Speakers

Representatives of real business, the most significant players in the e-commerce market, top and mid + levels: X5 Retail Group, Auchan, Utkonos, Ozone, Wildberries, Citilink, Criteo, Retail Rocket, Floctory, Yandex, Group, SEB Group and others.


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