Market research E-commerce in Russia 2020. Annual report

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Data Insight published the annual report «eCommerce in Russia 2020», which contains key figures for 2020 and data on the Internet, online shopping, online store delivery, shoppers, and consumer behaviour.

Main conclusions

  • The volume of e-commerce market in Russia amounted to 2.7 trillion rubbles and 830 million orders.
  • Data Insight Forecast: The Russian e-commerce market will grow by 34% by 2024.
  • An increasing percentage of the Russian population is choosing smartphones to access the Internet. DESKTOP EXCLUSIVE accounted for 25% of the Internet audience in Russia over the year.
  • In 2020, the number of online B2C orders increased by 78%. Almost 50% of online orders came from large universal marketplaces.
  • Online С2С market in monetary terms grew by 87% in 1.5 years, its annual volume amounted to 1.06 trillion rubbles in 2020, while 568 billion in H2 2018 — H1 2019.
  • The volume of the online retail export market in Russia amounted to $ 1.16 billion. Compared to last year, the number of items increased by 11.7 million, while the average check decreased by 19%.
  • According to Data Insight estimates, 601 million shipments were delivered in three quarters of 2020 alone. This is 27% more than in 2019. The difference with the first three quarters of 2019 is 82%.
  • Top 3 categories of the largest Russian online stores: electronics and appliances, household goods and repairs, clothing, and footwear.
  • When choosing a payment method, almost 80% of buyers look at the size of the commission. For 25% of them, the commission is the first thing they pay attention to during the purchase. When making a purchasing decision, most buyers look at the 75% payment convenience.


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