Working at Data Insight

Working at Data Insight

We invite leading analysts and project coordinators. 

Lead Analyst 

A team of a lead analyst, analysts, junior analysts, coordinators, programmers works on each study. We are looking for an employee who will become an expert in the company within the topic "Online trading, marketplaces and consumer behavior" and will lead the creation of both custom and initiative projects in this topic.

What the Lead Analyst will do:

  • participate in the development of an initiative research plan
  • for custom research, create a research design, that is, plan a research based on the tasks of the client, determine the methods of future research
  • develop a research work plan, determine the necessary resources
  • choose a team for research (within the company)
  • delegate research tasks, explain these tasks, train analysts and junior analysts, control the quality of work of the entire team
  • perform research work (which is not delegated to the team)
  • collect the final research, describe the data, think through and make a presentation of the data, visualization
  • protect the results within the company and in front of the client
  • develop new methods for research, as well as new tools for data processing (both with your own hands and through setting tasks for analysts or developers)
  • participate in the search for new data and their integration into our research
  • present the results of their work at conferences

The lead analyst is the head of research responsible for research as a project within the company and to the client. The lead analyst recruits a team of employees for each study and leads the team throughout the project.

Requirements for the Lead Analyst:

  • experience in online trading | marketplaces | consumer behavior
  • experience with research as a customer or contractor
  • team leadership experience
  • good knowledge of Excel
  • knowledge of sociological and marketing research tools
  • understanding the structure of "Internet" data, understanding the features of working with data
  • understanding of big data approaches
  • knowledge of existing approaches to e-commerce research | consumer behavior
  • the ability to describe the results of the study (the ability to write)
  • the ability to defend the results of research (communication skills)

The following knowledge is not required, but will be required if available:

  • english at the level of "write reports in this language"
  • programming skills at the level of scripts and parsers
  • interviewing skills
  • research results reporting skills / infographic
  • public speaking skills in Russian or English
  • big data skills

Send your resume by e-mail marked "For the vacancy of a leading analyst".


Project manager

Data Insight uses the project principle of work - all the studies that we conduct are projects (there are clear deadlines, there is a unique result). Projects can last from 1 week to 3 months. 

The account manager does all the work all projects and clients in individual verticals of the company (logistics research, online shopping research, regular recurring research for large clients)

Project Coordinator Responsibilities:

1. Leading the client from the lead to closing the project, including: preparing an offer, document flow, planning work on the project, monitoring the implementation of project tasks, closing the project. 

2. Sales support - drafting commercial proposals together with a company partner or senior analyst, planning and conducting meetings with clients.

3. Communication with clients: meetings, collection and formalization of the desires and requirements of the client, informing the client about the progress of work

4. Project time management, including monitoring the compliance with the deadlines for the implementation of individual stages of work by internal employees and external contractors.

5. Search and work with contractors for the project. Usually these are survey companies (b2b, b2c, online, offline).

Project coordinator requirements:

  • Project manager skills (the ability to break down the goal into clear steps for different teams, negotiate with all stakeholders, coordinate the process, evaluate and present the result).
  • At least 3 years of experience as an account manager, project manager or project coordinator. 
  • Ability to set tasks and monitor their completion on time
  • Ability to prioritize and handle multiple tasks effectively at the same time
  • Ability to independently propose solutions;
  • Ability to express ideas clearly and concisely (both orally and in writing) 
  • Ability to manage discussions and capture results;
  • Ability to work with remote employees (we have such)

A plus will be experience in an advertising, research, web agency.

Send your resume by e-mail marked "For the vacancy of a project coordinator."