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Data Insight

Data Insight is an analytical company specializing in online retail.

The main feature of the company: a combination of different methods in one study. Our reports are always based on 2-3-4 completely different methods, including work with new types of data and traditional sociological methods.


We publish a lot of reports and data for free, due to which we are one of the most cited analytical agencies in Russia. This is due to our mission: "To help markets grow through systematization and transformation based on knowledge about customers, their requests and behavior".


In the field of ecommerce, we do more than 50 studies a year, the most notable of which are annual rating of online stores, e-commerce ecosystem in Russia, annual report e-commerce in Russia. As part of our research, we have collected (and regularly update) data on 150 thousand online stores in Russia, including data on their assortment, attendance, sales, etc. We also collect a huge amount of information in the form of receipts, logistics data, financial data of the stores themselves . Finally, we regularly poll a fairly large number of respondents about their online purchases.


Fedor Virin
Fedor Virin

Expert in internet research and internet marketing. From 2005 to 2010, he worked as research director at Mail.ru. Previously, Executive Director of SpyLOG.

Conducts educational courses: at the HSE at the Faculty of Business Informatics and at the Higher School of Economics, at the RMA at the State University of Management and at the business school at the Academy of National Economy.

Author of over 100 articles on internet marketing and research topics.

Boris Ovchinnikov
Boris Ovchinnikov
Has been doing research on the Internet since 2000 - at SpyLOG (head of the research department), then at J'son&Partners (consultant for the Internet market and other telecommunications markets, later - head of the analytical department) and since 2007 at SUP (Director of Research). In 2009-2010, he led the LiveJournal project. In 2010, together with Fedor Virin, he founded the research company Data Insight.

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